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Richard RUTILY
Born on 1948
French nationality
Master of mathematics
Doctorate of Physic
ENSAE (Sup’ Aéro), Specialisation "Complex Systems"
Two Major aspects:
·       Conception and realisation of complex systems including technical aspects, management of project, administrative management,
·       Management of department or sector "autonomous profit centre" or company.

01-2011 Retired
06-2010 SYSAT Ingénierie (Half Retired)
·       EADS/DS : Develop the architecture of an Oil Field Protection system for a proposal  to a customer  in the Persian golf
·       EADS/DS : Develop the Colombian Air Force architecture for a proposal
2008-2009 SYSAT Ingénierie (Half Retired)
Create the company and provide the services associated to the following contract:
GALILEO: Space Segment Security co-ordinator for FOC (Full Operational Capability)
·       During the ASTRIUM Proposal Phase for The FOC request for quotation he assists and supports ASTRIUM in the following areas:
  • Interface to the system level on technical security aspects

  • Organisation of all security FOC Space Segment activities including evaluation and accreditation
2005-2007 EADS SDC
GALILEO: Space Segment Security co-ordinator
·       Co-ordinate the security activities amongst ESNIS, Space Segment and Thales home base.
·       Minimise schedule delays due to overload of the security staff coming from parallel assistance in transversal security activities.
·       Align and streamline the decisions made independently in parallel security meetings.
·       Support to bring the security units from a Phase B status present at the KO to the rest of the design (Phase C, D, E).
·       Support Space segment's directions to Payload and Satellite AIT regarding security relevant topics.
·       Manage Security aspects to ensure a Security Architecture definition, justification, and follow-up in conjunction with the ESA/ESNIS and the National Experts.
·       Manage, review and access critical changes.
·       Assess, process and implement the high number of Security related Change Requests.
2003-2004 EADS SDC
Beijing Olympic game: Specification at system level of the Beijing Olympic game security system. This Study was to improve good relationship between EADS and Chinese Authorities.
2002-2003 EADS SYSDE
BON Study (Business Opportunity in Navigation) for the head of the Strategic direction of EADS.
2001-2002    EADS SYSDE
SAGITAIR proposal for the C3I Direction Logistic Department: This proposal was to implement in 23 Aerial bases of the French Air Force an IT-system to upgrade the maintenance process of the planes and their traceability.
Charged of the department "Supervision" then technical manager for the Direction S2C (System, Supervision and Civilian).
Charged of the proposal then the management of the “Supervision Laser Megajoule”:
The Laser Megajoule program aims at realising a thermonuclear fusion "controlled" by inertial seclusion. This fusion is performed by making implode a bullet of Deuterium / Tritium using 240 lasers pressure of radiation.
The CEA (ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY) entrusted to Matra Systèmes and Information the responsibility of the Supervision of the Laser Megajoule and the commands-controls of:
·       The management system for the people safety,
·       The emergency system which stop the shot,
·       The fluid system
Management of REALISE. REALISE is an European project "ESPRIT" aiming to make the re-engineering of Matra Cap Système's civil spatial activity. One of the results of this project was the deployment of Alliance (the MCS's " Groupware ") based on Lotus Notes.
Director of SIC2: in the organisation of MCS, SIC2 was an autonomous profit centre in charge of the Air, ARMY and Joint C3I.
Technical responsible for Agency (RTA) of the C3I Agency:
·       In CSD's organisation the Director of an Agency delegated his commercial responsibility to a sales representative and his technical responsibility to a RTA.
Responsible for:
·       The end of the development of PREMIS 2000N,
·       The Operational maintenance of all the chains of command of the Air Force.
PREMIS 2000N was the Plans Preparation System of the FATAC nuclear striking.
The chains of command of the Air Force included all the chains of nuclear command (Navy, Air, Missiles) of France.
Create the company with an associate and manage the department “Avionics and weapons systems “. The company is still existing (11/2011).
Department head in charge of the weapon system of the maritime patrol aircraft ATL2:
·       Management of the co-ordination teams which have for role the control of the various subcontractors realising embarked equipment,
·       Control of the team about the technical clauses, the general schedule, the abnormalities, the evolutions in prototype or in series.
Deputy Head of the ATL2 Weapons systems Division
Charged of the ATL2 export:
·       Dassault representative of "Mission Tactical Digital Record/Reproduce Equipment Specification Committee" of the NATO ISG 32 group.
·       Responsible for the data processing of the ATL2 weapons system.
83-84 SEMA
Charged of an autonomous profit centre, “military sector”, of the technical Systems Department of METRA-SEMA
 81-83 SEMA
·       Project manager in charge of the software of a tactical simulator for the Navy
·       Study of the specific needs of the interested foreign navies and the elaboration of the corresponding offers
78-81 SEMA
Responsible for the functions "Armament, Acoustics and MAD, Navigation" of the ATL2 tactical software:
·       In charge of the state role of the CPM (Centre de programmation de la Marine (Navy programming center)) for the  Armament, Acoustics, MAD, Navigation functions, in particular by representing the CPM within the ATL2 industrial co-ordination.
77-78 SEMA
Pre-study definitions of the ATL2 weapon system: The data processing part related to these studies was the subject of a research within a DESS of Applied mathematics framework for two students.

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